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Before we went to the schools, we arranged appointments for our observation. Even though some schools didn't reply our mails, we didn't give up and found new solutions. So we went certain schools which we could get appointment and receive information from teachers and other staff. Also we took photographs to the extent permitted by school administration and teachers. Although we could take photos in public schools, we weren't allowed in private ones unfortunately. 

Here some information and photos we gather from our observations.


Public schools have children from at the age of 4-6. There are approximately 18-20 children in one class and there is one teacher per classroom.

Although  there are proper materials in terms of quality, they are not enough in terms of quantity. Also they don't have adequate quality of outdoor facilitesThere are kitchens for breakfast and lunch, also staff for cleaning and preparing food. Toilets are appropriate sized and separated for boys and girls. Here some photos from public schools;

As you can see, they are not wide range of materials in public schools but creative and various things can be done with the effect of teachers.


We observed the Boğaziçi Yuva as semi-private preschool. There are 1-6 aged children and approximately 10-15 children in one classroom. There are one teacher and 2-3 assistants per each class.
We see that there are more materials and extended areas for activities than public schools.  
There are different rooms and classrooms for different activities including sleeping and musical issues.
Toilets and sinks are appropriate sized but not separated for girls and boys.
Playground is available for children and also there are wooden materials in the garden too.

Here some photos from Boğaziçi Yuva;

Materials used in classrooms are wooden and we appreciate it for the health of children. :)


In private schools, there are children from 2-6 ages old and 10-15 children in each classroom. Contrary to public schools, there are teachers from different branches for different lessons. There are wide range of materials and activity areas.
Moreover, there is bilingual education which is today's most recommended teaching style for foreign language. 
Playground has various stable materials and they are used efficiently. Especially on sunny days, children have a chance to go outside for their breakfast and activities. Also each child has a plant in garden and so they can learn by experience. 
Toilets are appropriate sized but not separated for boys and girls. 

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photo but we take some from websites of the schools.

We notice and glad to see that there are sinks in every classroom for both during activity time and hygiene for after it. Also we appreciate that there is high security in both entrance and classrooms.

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