20 Mayıs 2015 Çarşamba


At the very beginning, we did some research about physical conditions in preschools. We see that many research about this topic has been conducted since 1970s. Although we didn't find adequate and efficient writing about preschools in Turkey, here some pieces of articles we found valuable;

The quality of children’s experiences within preschool programs may play an important role in their development of academic, language, literacy and socialemotional competencies that help prepare them to enter school ready to learn (Bronfenbrenner, 1979, 1986).

Higher quality preschool was found to have a stronger positive association with developmental outcomes among subgroups that are considered to experience greater risks for developmental delay(Baydar & Brooks-Gunn, 1991; Bryant, Burchinal, Lau, & Sparling, 1994; Bryant, PeisnerFeinberg, & Clifford, 1993; Burchinal, Ramey, Reid, & Jaccard, 1995; Caughey et al., 1994; Hagekull & Bohlin, 1995; Peisner-Feinberg & Burchinal, 1997).

Children’s gross motor development is paid little attention, while other areas such as spiritual, moral, and ethical development are given none (Moss, 1994).

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