20 Mayıs 2015 Çarşamba


According to our observation and research, we used certain tools of quality. Here our fishbone and matrix diagram;

Our question is "Why are the preschools in Turkey in a bad physical condition?". And we indicated the major three problems arised from institution, government and human. 

We vote each dimension and government is voted mostly as the main cause of our problem. 

As a result...

As we have seen, although public schools have certain materials and facilities, they cannot compete with private schools. 


Lack of interest of government toward preschools is seen as a major source of problem on early childhood education.

-Lack of inspection
-Lack of financial support


We conclude that government should pay a great deal of attention on early childhood education and preschools.

Government should increase the number of inspections and also they should be effective and widespread. 

On the other hand, teachers should optimize materials and facilities they have.

Parents should be aware of features of education their children receive.

Also society should be informed about the significance of early childhood education and necessity of it for the progress and continuum of the society itself.

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